Magnetic Window Cleaning Robots vs HOBOT

When it comes to window cleaning robots, there are many options to choose from. However, window cleaning robots are not all created equal and it’s important to understand some of the key differences between available options. Choosing the right robot for you can make a huge impact on your satisfaction with the performance and practical implications of this technology.

Magnetic window cleaner

Many window cleaning robots are propelled by magnetic connectivity. They use a magnetic piece to attach to your windows’ opposite side so the robot can cling to the window during cleaning process. If your window has any decorative pieces or dividers on it, this can be an issue with magnetic window cleaners. You may not be able to easily access the other side of the glass. You may also have a thick glass for magnetic window cleaners to work properly. So generally speaking, magnetic window cleaners do not work on thick glass, not suitable for curved glass, and the magnet pad can scratch the glass.   

magnetic window cleaner

The alternative to magnetic window cleaners are vacuum-powered window cleaning robots such as HOBOT-298 and HOBOT-388. These robots are powered by vacuum suction and offer more convenience since you simply need to place the robot on your window. The suction is strong enough for these robots to be completely safe on your window and they are equipped with UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) internal battery to keep them on a window for 20 minutes in case of a power outage. Safety cords are also attached to prevent a fall in the event you won’t be able to remove the robot off a window in 20 minutes after a power outage. HOBOT-298 and HOBOT-388 can operate on a glass of any thickness and are more suitable than magnetic window cleaners for sloped and curved glass, albeit with some restrictions. These models will not scratch your glass as there is no need to attach a magnetic pad as with magnetic window cleaners.

Consumers who have used both magnetic window cleaners and vacuum-powered window cleaning robots such as HOBOT-298 and HOBOT-388 are overwhelmingly in favor of vacuum-powered models because of the ease of use, practicality, and safety if its application. If you’re looking for solutions to cleaning hard floors, also check out LEGEE-688 vacuum mop robot by HOBOT with its innovative approach to cleaning hard, non-carpeted surfaces.