HOBOT-298 or HOBOT-388 have Blue and Red blinking lights with beeping. 

This is the most common problem customers come to us with. The Robot HOBOT works only from the electrical network. The battery inside the robot is designed to hold the HOBOT for 20 minutes so that it does not fall in the event of a power outage. If you see a red and blue LED along with a beeping signal, and the robot's motor has started, then the robot has no electrical connection. Check if the plug is plugged into the socket and if the cable from the adapter to the robot is connected.

HOBOT-298 or HOBOT-388 leave marks on glass.

This happens when your window is too dirty. We recommend running the robot with dry cloths at the first stage, in dry mode, without using detergent. Then change cloths and start the robot in wet mode using detergent. If streaks remain, we recommend starting the robot without using a cleaning detergent, but having previously moistened the robot's cloth with clean drinking water to remove all streaks on the glass.

HOBOT-298 or HOBOT-388 falls from the window.

The robot was designed only for rectangular window frames and the manufacturer does not recommend using the robot on rounded frames in any way. The robot can lose vacuum suction on such windows. Be careful! 

HOBOT-388 can't climb up the window.  

This happens when the window is clean and the robot lacks grip. In this case, apply a small amount of cleaning detergent to the edge of the cloths. The detergent increases the adhesion of the robot to the window and the robot can move around the window without any problems.

LEGEE moves backwards. 

Very often, buyers write that their LEGEE are moving in the opposite direction. If LEGEE moves backwards, then one of its front lasers is dirty. It could be hair or spider webs. Therefore, before each start of the robot, clean all its 7 lasers for the effective operation of the robot.

LEGEE stops a few minutes after the start of cleaning.

Approximately 2 minutes after the start, LEGEE stops for 15 seconds to calibrate its navigation lasers. After 15 seconds, it continues to work. During the entire cleaning period, this can happen twice. This is a normal robot operation.

LEGEE does not go straight to the charging station.

LEGEE uses perimeter pattern in finding its charging station. It moves counter clock wise around the perimeter of your room until it finds the station.

LEGEE leaves streaks on the floor after cleaning.

Sometimes customers use third party cleaning solutions with their LEGEE. These solutions often contain chemical and corrosive elements that cause these streaks. We highly recommend using HOBOT LEGEE cleaning solution or water for streak-free results.


We have collected the most common questions from our customers and made video answers to them.

1. Problem with all modes HOBOT. Blue and Red blinking lights with beeping.

 2. Problem with LEGEE. Robot goes backwards.

3. Problem with HOBOT-388. Robot doesn't climb up. 

4. Question about LEGEE. Robot stops sometime.


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