A novelty window cleaning robot from HOBOT

Home Robot, based in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, has launched a newly updated robotic solution for households in the United States. They provide innovative window cleaning solutions through their HOBOT-298 product line.

Home Robot has stated that their technological novelty robotic window cleaner is the most advanced of its kind on the market. Its functions are to effectively clean windows and other smooth vertical surfaces, including mirrors and shower cabins.

One of the most impressive features of the robot is that it’s got an AI ultrasonic water spray. This helps to minimize the effort needed by the user and streamlines the cleaning process.

A novelty window cleaning robot has been launched by Home Robot. The company strives to help customers minimize their time spent on household chores.

Clients only have to fill in the water tank with the branded HOBOT cleaning solution. After that the robot can clean windows automatically without any extra input.

HOBOT-298 window cleaning robot has a strong vacuum that enables the device to hold onto the surface of any glass without having to rely on magnets. Since it has inbuilt AI smart technology and smart sensors, the window cleaning robot can detect the edges of almost any windows and plan its route accordingly.

The ultrasonic water spray is only available in the window cleaning robot HOBOT-298. It nebulizes water into dense mist, then dissipates dust and shines any window. This feature enables customers to clean their windows effectively without leaving watermarks or streak of any nature.

While holding to the surface of a glass surface with the help of a powerful vacuum, the window cleaning robot also removes dust and other pollutants. High fiber density pads enable the window cleaning robot to clean for a long time before the need to change them.

HOBOT-298 window cleaning robot cleans via both horizontal and vertical cleaning routes designed for most effective cleaning.

A spokesperson for Home Robot states: “Our company is dedicated to introducing the most cutting edge and highest quality robotic technology from around the world to the North American markets. We represent HOBOT Technology in the United States because of innovative concepts they bring to the industry of home robots.”