New HOBOT-388 window cleaning robot features an ultrasonic cleaning spray and two AI technology-based cleaning wheels designed to remove dirt without leaving streaks.

Home Robot LLC, the official distributor of HOBOT Technology INC. in the US, has released the HOBOT-388 window cleaning robot. The new window cleaning robot features a patented ultrasonic cleaning spray and two vacuum motor-powered cleaning wheels based on artificial intelligence technology.

The latest release in the HOBOT product line of window cleaning robots is specifically designed to clean windows and other surfaces as efficiently and effortlessly as possible.

The HOBOT-388 window cleaning robot features a patented ultrasonic cleaning spray nozzle that atomizes water into a mist and then evenly sprays it on a cleaning surface. The process efficiently dissipates dirt and dust, leaving the cleaning surface well-polished and streak-free.

The two cleaning wheels on the HOBOT-388 window cleaning robot were designed using AI technology, allowing the device to use a natural pattern of movement from top to bottom resembling hand movement. HOBOT-388 window cleaning robot’s wheels are covered in microfiber cleaning pads that are highly absorbent and efficient at removing dust, dirt, and other residue.

High suction provided by the vacuum motor of HOBOT-388 window cleaning robot allows for cleaning of more textured surfaces such as tile, partitions, mosaic windows and even wallpaper when used in dry mode. It can also clean hard-to-reach areas due to its low body height and slim design.

Other features of the HOBOT-388 window cleaning robot include smartphone and remote control options, a replaceable water tank, and pressure change detection that allows for automatic change of direction when the edge of a surface is reached. The power cord is 16 feet in length and can be extended with an additional extension cord.

Home Robot LLC continues to introduce innovative floor and window cleaning robots that further its vision of combining science and technology with everyday life. The company is active in the local community by supporting science and technology projects.