hobot window cleaning robot



hobot dual ultrasonic spray

Biomimicry Technology Dual Ultrasonic Spray

The ultrasonic spray nozzles can nebulize water into 15μm fine mist particles to deliver unparallel, cleaning results without leaving water stains, and clean 1m2 only with 1.4ml water consumption.


You can buy HOBOT-2S in our Online Store.

hobot strong suction

Strong Suction & Ascending Power

While the strong suction power positions HOBOT firmly on vertical surfaces and removes dust and dirt effectively, the 7 kg ascending power allows HOBOT to move steadily up and down without skidding.


hobot high reliability design

High Reliability Design

An auto-adjustable pneumatic pad automatically controls the driving force and keeps the force between caterpillar treads and cleaning cloth in balance.


multi surface cleaning

Multi-surface Cleaning

With the high volume centrifugal pump that consistently supplies negative pressure, HOBOT is capable of overcoming small air leakages and working smoothly on various surfaces.

You can buy HOBOT-2S in our Online Store.

Edge-Leakage Sensor

Edge-Leakage Sensor

The Edge-Leakage Sensor technology can detect air leakage caused by the slight lift around the window seal or the edge of the frameless windows.


Cleaning Deep into Corners

Cleaning Deep into Corners

HOBOT-2S introduces extended cleaning cloth deep into corners.


Hobot Large Coverage Area

Large Coverage Area

The size of the microfiber cleaning cloth is 24×24 cm; the large size makes HOBOT suitable for homes, offices, cafes, restaurants, and others small businesses.

You can buy HOBOT-2S in our Online Store. 

Hobot Efficient Routes

Efficient Routes

The two caterpillar belts attached to HOBOT moves quickly at 12cm per second; in other words, HOBOT can clean 1 square meter area in 2.4 minutes.


Intelligent Route Planning for Thorough Cleaning

Intelligent Route Planning for Thorough Cleaning

HOBOT has auto edge detection and is also preprogrammed to work in zigzag routes first horizontally then vertically, cleaning thoroughly without missing a spot.


Hobot Long Power Cord

Long Power Cord

The power cord is 5 meters long, allowing HOBOT to work on large areas and surfaces far away from power socket.

You can buy HOBOT-2S in our Online Store.

Extra Secure DC Power Connector

Extra Secure DC Power Connector

HOBOT will stay wired through the extra secured DC power connecter to secure you a carefree experience.


Hobot Embedded UPS System

Embedded UPS System

In case of power outage, the embedded Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) keeps HOBOT in position for 20 minutes with audio alert.


Hobot Smartphone control

Smartphone control

HOBOT can be controlled by iOS/Android devices via Bluetooth connection and by the remote control included in the box.


Hobot Voice Prompt

Voice Prompt

HOBOT voice prompt updates its progress or status as it goes, so you are always in control.

You can buy HOBOT-2S in our Online Store. 

Hobot Creative Voice

Creative Voice

With the HOBOT App, you can now replace the default voice prompt with any sound of your choice, creating more fun and a personal touch to your robot.


Hobot OTA Firmware Update

OTA Firmware Update & Cleaning Reminder

Keep up with the latest features by regularly updating HOBOT’s firmware over-the-air (OTA).
Also, HOBOT will send you a cleaning reminder every 3 months to help you keep your windows spotlessly clean!


Hobot Window Detergent

HOBOT Window Detergent

The HOBOT Window Detergent is specially formulated to work with HOBOT-2S ultrasonic spray nozzle. Water will work just as fine!


Hobot Replaceable Water Tank

Replaceable Water Tank

TSimply replace the entire water tank with simple steps when the ultrasonic spray nozzle is clogged: HOBOT will work like new!


Hobot Noice Level


You can buy HOBOT-2S in our Online Store.