HOBOT vs Magnetic Window Cleaner

One of the most common questions people ask when it comes to cleaning windows: How do I clean outside of my window I can’t reach? Fortunately there are a couple of solutions available in today’s market. Purchasing a magnetic window cleaner is one of them. A magnetic window cleaner uses strong internal magnets that lock both sides of the window cleaner unit together through the glass. We have tested several magnetic window cleaner units and the truth is they are not as efficient as they claim to be. They are not designed for all types of windows and can damage your windows with scratch marks. You may need a ladder if your windows don’t open to get the exterior side of a magnetic window cleaner onto the window pane. Some units we have tested have magnets that are too strong, making it very difficult to move the tool around the entire surface of the window pane. We spent way too much time to line the magnets up to make sure a magnetic window cleaner produced mediocre results. In our review, a magnetic window cleaner is very limited in its applications, produces subpar results, and most importantly presents a safety hazard.

Magnetic window cleaner - example.

magnetic window cleaner

The other solution is to invest in a state-of-the-art window cleaning robot such as HOBOT-298, HOBOT-388, or HOBOT-2S. These are the most advanced window cleaning robots that are available in the market. A higher upfront investment vs a magnetic window cleaner will pay for itself over time. HOBOT window cleaners have an average lifespan of 3 years with heavy use, designed with safety as a top priority, and supported by a US-based team committed to excellence in support and service. Unlike a magnetic window cleaner device, HOBOT window cleaner robots require no effort on the part of the user and can handle almost any type and size of a window, and produce superior results. HOBOT window cleaning robots are effective for both exterior and interior windows. A user simply needs to clip an included safety rope with a karabiner on to any hard object, turn on the device, and place it on any part of a window pane. The scope of use for HOBOT window cleaners is not limited to a few window types unlike a magnetic window cleaner. They are also an excellent tool to clean shower cabins, mirrors, and solar panels. HOBOT window cleaning robots are unmatched in performance and value provided compared to any magnetic window cleaner.