Are Robotic Window Cleaners Worth It?

In this modern age people have three options when it comes to cleaning windows: clean manually by hand, hire a professional, or invest in a window cleaning robot. Let’s talk about these options and why an investment in a window cleaning robot is a preferred option by a rapidly growing number of households in the US.

People have cleaned their windows by hand since the invention of windows itself. To this day most people still use this method of window cleaning due to minimal financial investment, the size of their windows, and not knowing that the new technology is now available to them. For a large number of people who don’t have many windows and the size of their window is small, getting the job done by hand makes a lot of sense. However, if your house or apartment has many medium to large-sized windows, the task of cleaning windows can be very time-consuming.  In fact, New York Post conducted a survey in 2018 of America’s Top 20 most disliked household chores. Cleaning the windows was third most disliked chore with 40 per cent of respondents calling it a chore they are least looking forward to. The result of the survey is not a surprise at all with most of new houses nowadays built bigger with more large windows.

This trend makes an option of hiring a professional to clean your windows an attractive alternative many people think about and choose to keep their windows clean. Who wants to spend countless hours cleaning windows when our lives are so busy and it’s hard enough to balance available time between our professional lives and family? Hiring a professional to do the job comes at a high financial cost. The national average cost for exterior window cleaning ranges from $150 to $450 (22 standard exterior windows). So the cost doubles to clean both exterior and interior windows. It’s recommended by professionals that the windows are cleaned at least twice a year and more frequently if you live on a busy street or a place with lots of pollen and trees (more about the importance of cleaning your windows regularly in our next week’s post). As you can see, the cost of properly maintaining your windows can easily cost over a thousand dollars per year.

Fortunately rapid technological advances in the market of robot window cleaners make an option of investing in a quality robot window cleaner the best and most attractive option for most households. State-of-the-art models such as HOBOT-298 and HOBOT-388 window cleaning robots by HOBOT Technologies, INC have gained much popularity among consumers in the US due to their unique technology, durability, and much lower cost compared to hiring a professional. They require minimal maintenance. These models are suitable for over 90% of all windows in the US. They are not suitable for windows with rounded, non-rectangular frames. The quality of cleaning is very good as long as the instructions are followed and cleaning jobs are performed regularly. There is 1-year warranty provided by the distributor of HOBOT in the US - HOME ROBOT LLC. Considering the average lifespan of these window cleaning robots is 3 years, the savings add up quickly over time. Not to mention their cool appeal, you would be the coolest neighbour on the block when others see them in action!