Cleaning Modes of LEGEE-688 Vacuum Mop Robot

One of the features of LEGEE-688 vacuum mop robot which makes it a popular choice among consumers looking for a robot mop for hard floors is Talent Clean. This unique feature brings this floor cleaning robot to a new era of dynamic control and exploration to serve any special needs. Talent Clean includes 7 cleaning modes: Standard, Strong, ECO, Kitchen, Dry, Pet, and Polish. There is also a customized mode to manually adjust 4 levels of control: Spraying, Mopping Frequency, Vacuum Level, and Cleaning Speed. Each cleaning mode has a preset level of control to optimize the efficiency of any specific application. Let’s describe each cleaning mode.


This mode serves your general needs and is the most efficient mode for majority of cleaning situations. If you don’t know which mode you need, try standard mode first. It’s characterized by strong cleaning speed and sufficient frequencies of spraying, vacuuming, and mopping.


This mode is the best for performing deep cleaning to your floor. Strong mode will provide you with the maximum vacuum power and higher mopping frequency for best results.


This mode works under lower power consumption, minimum vacuum power, and lowest mopping frequency. Ideal for situations when you want to have your floors cleaned while enjoying the calm and quiet time.


This is LEGEE-688’s most popular cleaning mode and is exclusive to HOBOT. LEGEE-688 vacuum mop robot first divides the area into 16 x 16 squared inches area, sprays generous amount of water to dissolve the stains, then goes back to mop and absorb the dissolved stains. During the first round, the vacuum mop robot sprays maximum amount of moisture. During the second round, cleaning frequency is enhanced to the maximum, producing incredible results.


This mode is used on moisture sensitive floors typically made of high-end wood. The water spray function is disabled and vacuum power is slightly enhanced at a slower pace so your floor can get cleaned well without water of cleaning solution.


The vacuum power is increased to collect light hairs. Water spray volume and mopping frequency are also increased to remove paw prints and stains from the floor.


LEGEE vacuum mop robot will clean the floor by increasing water spray volume and mopping frequency while lowering cleaning speed to remove stale dirt and water marks from the floor.


You can manually adjust the levels of spraying, vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning speed. This mode allows you to explore different settings to design your optimal mode for cleaning.

It’s no wonder LEGEE-688 has become a popular robot cleaner for hard floors as it’s designed for most common cleaning situations and is easily customizable to your preference. Talent Clean is only one of many popular features of this incredible mop robot. HOBOT Technologies, Inc. continues to deliver unique and exclusive technologies to US and worldwide markets with its world renowned vacuum mop robot LEGEE-688 and window cleaning robots.