Best Features of LEGEE-688 Robot Mop.

What are the best features of LEGEE-688 mopping robot that make this new robot mop stand out in the crowded market? We are going to rank them according to their uniqueness and customer popularity.  

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  • FastBrush 4 in 1 Cleaning. The reason why LEGEE was introduced to the robot mop and vacuum market of robotic cleaners is a culmination of years of research and testing by HOBOT engineers to figure out the most optimal and effective way of cleaning hard, non-carpeted surface areas. The result was uncontroversial finding that a specific sequence in the cleaning process; vacuum, dry mopping, spraying, wet mopping is what produces the best results in cleaning hard floors. LEGEE-688 robot mop performs wet and dry cleaning of the floor in one cleaning cycle. First, a powerful brushless electric motor creates a strong vacuum up to 2100 Pa, which sucks any type of waste from hair to sand to grains, and other household residue into a large dust collector. Then, the front vibrating mop completes dry cleaning by removing grime and dust from the surface. The next step is spraying of water or a cleaning solution onto the floor through ultrasonic nozzles to soak up dry and greasy stains. Lastly, the back vibrating mop wipes away soaked dirt, removes traces of water, and polishes the floor. This process is unique and patented to LEGEE mopping robot. The unique technology of FastBrush 4 in 1 cleaning brings LEGEE-688 above its peers in the category.


  • Talent Clean. LEGEE-688 robot mop is equipped with 7 cleaning modes designed for any particular application in your household. These 7 modes are Standard, ECO, Strong, Kitchen, Dry, Pet, and Polish (Look for a later post of the breakdown of each mode). There is also 1 customized mode for your desired setting to serve any special need. These modes were designed and implemented from many years of customer feedback. Each mode has a various setting of vacuum suction and moisture application. For example, Kitchen mode has a stronger vacuum suction setting because this is the area where we find more debris of various kind.


  • Non-Slipping Caterpillar Belts. LEGEE-688 mopping robot is designed like a tank. Unlike other brands with round wheel design which makes the mopping robot to slip more easily after mopping, LEGEE-688 is designed for the most difficult floor areas without losing any of its maneuverability. LEGEE’s caterpillar belts are rugged, high-density rubber material to grip the most slippery surfaces without slipping.


  • Large Capacity Trash Bin and Water Tank. LEGEE-688 robot mop is designed to handle a lot of trash without having to empty the trash bin in the middle of a cleaning cycle due to a large 500 ML trash bin with handle, which helps the trash not to fall out accidently. Many users of robot mop and vacuum devices have stated their displeasure with the need to empty the trash bin during a cleaning cycle. LEGEE-688’s trash bin is more than double in size of most of its competitors, creating a more user-friendly, hassle-free experience. LEGEE-688 is also equipped with a large 320 ML water tank to make sure there won’t be a need to add more water or cleaning solution during cleaning. In fact, many of our customers are marveled at the fact that they only need to open and fill the tank once a month in most cases.


  • D-Shaped and Tangle Free Design. LEGEE-688 mopping robot uses cloth to mop the floor and scrape off the dust instead of a roller as with many other brands. Pet owners in particular love LEGEE-688 robot mop because they don’t have to deal with tangled hair in a roller. D-shaped design of LEGEE-688 mopping robot along with a long side brush allows for deeper corner cleaning.

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There are no other robot for hard floors quite like LEGEE-688. HOBOT’s leadership has conducted an extensive research and testing before entering an already crowded market. Most importantly they listened to consumer feedback. That’s how LEGEE series of mop robots was born. LEGEE-688 may not be perfect, but it’s close to it! Also check the latest window cleaning robots from HOBOT here.