Automated window cleaning robot HOBOT-298 provides an alternative to commercial and residential large window cleaning

Home Robot LLC (HOBOT) has launched an automated window cleaning robot, HOBOT-298, which is specifically constructed for cleaning of large residential and commercial windows. The automated window cleaning robot is a great alternative to cut weekly and monthly window cleaning costs aimed at homeowners and business owners.

Leaders in window cleaning market with their unique and cutting-edge technology, Home Robot has launched the new window cleaning robot to reduce costs and save time for small to medium-sized companies with recurring monthly or weekly window cleaning expenses.

HOBOT-298 window cleaning robot is equipped with one of a kind, unique ultrasonic water spray that turns water or a cleaning solution into a fine, dense mist that effectively enables to remove dust without leaving any watermarks on a glass cleaning surface.

The window cleaning robot sticks to the glass surface with a powerful vacuum motor. The strong suction assists with the removal of dust and impurities from the cleaning surface. High fiber density pads create constantly calibrating force between the caterpillar treads and the pad surface to ensure extremely dusty glass is cleaned to perfection.

The replaceable microfiber cleaning pads of window cleaning robot HOBOT-298 are large enough to effectively clean glass areas of restaurants, shop windows, car dealerships, and other commercial structures with voluminous glass surfaces.

Due to innovative laser sensor, HOBOT-298 window cleaning robot works well on frameless windows. Its long power and extension cords provide for a considerable distance from the power source to reach targeted cleaning areas.

Bluetooth remote control and auto-edge detection features add more to this already impressive, state-of-the-art window cleaning robot.

Based in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, but serving all of the USA, Home Robot is dedicated to introducing cutting-edge technology and robotics into homes and businesses to reduce the time people have to spend on mundane tasks. Home Robot contributes 10% of their annual profits to development science and technology projects in their local area.

A company spokesperson said: “Our vision is to promote a world where science and technology are embraced as part of everyday life and where young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders.”