One feature that makes LEGEE-688 vacuum mop stand out

Many are asking why LEGEE-688 vacuum mop continues to gain market share in steep competition of robotic devices designed to clean hard, non-carpeted surfaces despite the lack of some of the popular modern features other brands offer such as scheduling and virtual walls. The answer is HOBOT’s exclusive and patented FastBrush 4 in 1 Cleaning technology. So what is it and how it makes LEGEE-688 vacuum mop robot a preferred customer choice for many?

HOBOT’s team of engineers began an expansive study of the market of vacuum robots a decade ago to determine all the options that were available to consumers. The study’s primary purpose was to identify the strengths of the market providers and the areas that were potentially underserved as evidenced by the extensive testing and consumer feedback. At the conclusion of the study, it became evident that the market offered a variety of quality robotic devices for carpet cleaning, but the options for hard floors were limited with poor customer satisfaction. So HOBOT’s team of engineers focused the next few years on improving and designing a new process of cleaning hard, non-carpeted floors. The outcome was the birth of LEGEE with its FastBrush 4 in 1 Cleaning technology.

LEGEE-688 robot mop via its FastBrush 4 in 1 Cleaning technology performs wet and dry cleaning of the floor in 4 steps of one cleaning cycle.

Step 1: Long head broom sweeps dirt out of corners and along skirting boards under the suction inlet. The Nidec brushless electric motor with metal fan blades creates a vacuum with a vacuum of up to 2100 Pa, which sucks any type of dry waste into the dust collector, from wool and crumbs to sand, grains, and pebbles.

Step 2: The first vibratory mop completes dry cleaning by removing adhering dust and grime from the surface.

Step 3: The nozzles spray water onto the floor to soak dry and greasy stains. Despite the small capacity (320 ml), the container is enough for wetting the floor during a full working cycle (up to 150 square meters of area). This is achieved due to automatic dosage: the robot independently determines the spray volume based on the air temperature and the degree of surface contamination.

Step 4: A second vibrating mop wipes away any soaked dirt, removes traces of water, and polishes the floor.

This process is unique and patented to LEGEE mopping robot. So what makes LEGEE-688 unique is the specific sequence in the cleaning process: Vacuum, Dry Mopping, Spraying, and Wet Mopping. It’s by far the most effective method of collecting dust and particles from floors. The customers who have experienced firsthand the benefits of FastBrush 4 in 1 Cleaning technology typically end up being HOBOT customers for life.