Which robot vacuum is best for home?

There is no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a robot vacuum. Having the right robot vacuum cleaner can certainly make your life a lot easier and healthier. A robotic vacuum cleaner has become an essential part of the arsenal of tools in our household to fight dust and keep our homes allergen-free. A plethora of options makes a decision of choosing the right robot mop a challenging one. There are many criteria people use to evaluate different options. Today we will focus on one question many people try to answer before purchasing a robot mop: Which robot mop and vacuum to buy for best results?

Robot Vacuum

robot vacuum

We have researched and tested all the popular options for robot vacuum cleaners. One outcome of this extensive testing is that there is a low correlation between high-priced, feature-rich options and the actual quality of cleaning results. In other words, more often than not, spending a lot of money for a robot vacuum with all the latest technology does not improve the performance. It’s true that for some people having features like virtual walls, no-go zones, and scheduling are very important in making their decision. However, most people we have asked clearly stated that the most important aspect of choosing a robot mop and vacuum is the quality of cleaning, durability, and customer support. Majority of consumers are willing to forgo many features for efficiency and better cleaning results. So if it’s not all the bells and whistles that matters most, what makes a robot vacuum cleaner produce high-performance results?

Mechanics is one of them. How does a robot mop goes about cleaning your floors to achieve the best results? Years of extensive research by HOBOT engineers has determined the optimal way a robot mop should clean hard, non-carpeted surface areas, which culminated in creation of LEGEE vacuum mop robot. LEGEE uses patented FastBrush 4 in 1 Cleaning technology to achieve the best cleaning results: vacuum, dry mop, spray, wet mop. It’s that particular sequence that has made LEGEE a world winner of many international awards and the gold standard in the market of robot vacuum cleaners for hard, non-carpeted surfaces. LEGEE-688, the latest robot mop and vacuum from HOBOT Technologies, INC is equipped with large water tank and dust bin for hours of uninterrupted cleaning, durable caterpillar tracks for maneuverability in any environment, D-shaped design with a long brush to get to any hard-to-reach areas, and much more (Check our post next week for more detailed breakdown of LEGEE’s features). It's the top consumer choice for high-quality, practical results!  Click HERE to learn more about LEGEE-688.