Window Cleaning Robots: Round shape or Square shape

In regards to window cleaning robots, there are 2 main types: Round-shaped & Square-shaped; both attach to the surface of a window with the help of a vacuum motor.

  • Round-shaped have 2 cleaning wheels with microfiber (double side usable). There's a vacuum motor inside to rotate the wheels while the device is moving; similar to hand movement in cleaning of a window. They are very effective at cleaning heavy dust.
  • Square-shaped clean windows with the help of a large microfiber cloth which presses on the window with auto-adjustable pneumatic pad. These devices move with assistance of caterpillar belts at the speed of 5 inches per second. They are more efficient for corner cleaning.

The most up-to-date models of round & square-shaped window cleaning devices feature automatic water-spray function. They spray water evenly, similar to the effect of human exhale on the glass, through a delicate ultrasonic chip nebulizing it to 15μm mist particles. You may refer to the video below for more information: 

HOBOT-298 Video

HOBOT-388 Video

Listed below is a comparison chart. The general guideline is that round-shaped units are better at cleaning heavy dust, and square-shaped ones are more efficient and more suitable for maintenance purposes. 

 Model HOBOT-298 HOBOT-388
Device size 240x240x100mm 295x148x95mm
Cleaning pattern Liner clean, Zigzag then N-way Rotating, Zigzag
Cleaning speed 2,4 min/m2 4,0 min/m2
Framed glass size > 40 cm2 > 35 cm2
Glass thickness Unlimited Unlimited
Ultrasonic water spray Yes Yes
Replaceable water tank 40 ml 24 ml
Maximum cleaning area (per 1 ml) 1 m2 1 m2

In summary, you may choose a model according to your cleaning preferences, your specific environment, and your desired speed of cleaning. If you like to clean more frequently, we recommend you choose a square-shaped model. If your windows get dusty fast, we suggest you get a round-shaped one.