Why you need to buy LEGEE

HOBOT has a lot of different robots for windows and floors. Today we will talk about LEGEE and why you need to buy this mopping robot.

LEGEE is a mopping robot. It can help you with floor cleaning.

legee hobot 688

LEGEE has 7 cleaning modes: Standard, Strong, ECO, Kitchen, Dry, Pet, Polish, and Customized. Standard mode is the perfect fit for any generic use. A Kitchen mode can clean the common spill, splash, and stains. Polish mode brings back brightness and shine. Use Dry mode when cleaning the hardwood floor. A Strong mode is ideal for deep cleaning. ECO mode helps to save energy and works quietly. Pet mode cleans hair and paw prints efficiently. Feel free to adjust the parameters to suit your special need.

Map of mop robot shows cleaned area simultaneously while LEGEE is moving.
You can easily control the robot and the washing process. You can also watch for duration cleaning and level battery power.

Cleaning Planning is a weekly schedule that allows you to pre-plan daily cleaning with a choice of cleaning modes.

Three cleaning options:

Zigzag - vacuum robot will zigzag to clean the entire floor of your home.

Around the perimeter - floor robot will move along the walls to thoroughly clean the perimeter of the floor.

Auto = Zigzag + Perimeter - the room scan mode will start, then LEGEE will switch to the Zigzag mode, and then finish the cleaning, moving along the perimeter of the walls.

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