Using a window cleaning robot for the first time

You purchased a window cleaning robot. Congratulations you made a great investment! Now what? Although robotic cleaners are simple to use, there are a few steps you should take to ensure maximum efficiency and results.


  1. Charge your unit for minimum of 4 hours or more before first use. The most advanced window cleaners like HOBOT-2S or HOBOT-388 have a built-in Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) battery to provide power to your unit in case of a power outage. A fully charged UPS battery will keep the robot on your window for 20 minutes, if the power goes out, giving you time to remove it off a window.


  1. Place a cleaning pad tightly and evenly on the bottom plate of the robot to ensure a proper fit and suction to your window. Improper placement of the pad can result in decreased suction and erratic movements.


  1. Do not spray your windows with water or any cleaning solution before use. This is especially relevant to window cleaning robots with a built-in automatic water spray like HOBOT-2S and HOBOT-388. It may be your natural inclination to think that adding water or a cleaning solution to the window would help. On the contrary, it makes it worse, and drastically increases chances of a slip and fall. In fact, even using a window cleaning robot on humid days in not recommended since excessive moisture on the cleaning surface like glass reduces proper suction and cleaning efficiency.


  1. Turn off water spray function to clean very dusty windows. If your windows are extra dusty, have not been cleaned in a long time, or located near busy highway or industrial area, it’s highly recommended to run a window cleaning robot in dry mode first. It allows for absorption of the initial layer of dust by high-density micro fibers of the pad. Once the initial layer of dust is removed, running your window cleaning robot with the automatic water spray on would produce much better results. Do not forget to change pads between the cycles.


These are a few easy steps you can take to increase the efficiency of your new window cleaning robot and your satisfaction with its results.