Top 8 Best Vacuum-Mop Robots Battle in 2020

Vacuum-Mop robots bring you a more convenient life by taking care of the daily cleaning task for you. In this video, we compare Top 8 popular robots that are designed for vacuum only or vacuum-mop 2 in 1 function to help you make a great purchase.

Successful Key Factor of Floor Clean

By imitating hand gestures to complete vacuum and mop in one run, LEGEE-688 can measure up to your need as a traditional floor cleaning sequence. The appeal of LEGEE-688 is that the front cloth can scrape the dust off the floor by vacuum firstly then followed by a smart spray to dissolve the stain for the second mop, makes the floor cleaning task easier with high cleaning performance rather than let water stain left behind after mopping.

Exclusive Patent: FastBrush 4-stage cleaning

While vacuum-sweeping robots are widely used and well-accepted, HOBOT Technology Inc. introduced the new generation of floor cleaning vacuum-mop robot, LEGEE-688, which is derived from the idea of #biotechnology in 2019 summer. LEGEE-688 obtains exclusive patent FastBrush 4-stage cleaning which is capable of cleaning by vacuuming, dry mopping, spray water and wet-mopping all in one, has gone the extra mile in the floor cleaning robot market.