How to properly maintain a window cleaning robot?

You purchased a window cleaning robot and already cleaned a window or two in your house or apartment. You’ve made a great decision! You can see the benefits of your investment and look forward to putting your robotic window cleaner to work again soon. The latest robotic window cleaners like HOBOT-2S and HOBOT-388 are very easy to maintain and can be called to action at moment’s notice. However, there are some things you can do to ensure your new household assistant performs at maximum capacity for a long time.

Keeping your window cleaning robot dry after cleaning is the first priority. Make sure to wipe off the unit with dry cloth and empty the water tank before storing it away. Moisture can get through to the inner parts of the robot and potentially be damaging to the motherboard or electrical wiring.

We highly recommend removing the dirty pad and changing it for a clean one before storage. Moist pads when left on the body of the robot can cause mildew growth that can be damaging to your unit. Besides, you want your window cleaner ready to go for your next cleaning job!     

Store your robot at low humidity, dark places at preferred temperatures of 20-110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use only water or HOBOT cleaning detergent. Your common household detergents like Windex commonly contain ammonium and sodium that are very corrosive and will reduce the lifespan of your window cleaning robot.

Avoid using your robot on rainy or high humidity days. Our recommendation is to avoid use when humidity is higher than 70%.

Avoid exposing your window cleaning robot to direct sunlight for extensive periods of time (longer than 2 hours). Keep away from other sources of heat like stoves, space heaters, radiators, etc.

Do not place your robot window cleaner near strong magnetic fields.

Wash cleaning pads in cold or warm water only. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Do not iron or dry clean.

Do not attempt to service your unit on your own. Our service team is always available to answer any service related questions.

Following these simple guidelines will keep your new window cleaning robot functioning well for a long time!