How does a robot vacuum mop work?

Robot vacuum mops have become an integral part of our households. It’s no surprise with advances in technology that so many people rely on them to keep their floors clean since no one really likes mopping. The reality is that even some of the owners of a vacuum mop robot do not fully understand how they work.

First, it’s important to make a distinction between a robot mop, a robot vacuum, and a robot vacuum mop.

A robot mop typically sprays water or a cleaning solution directly onto the floor to soften stained spots via scrubbing cloth or brush. So it’s basically like an automatic Swiffer. It will clean up some splatters and grime, but it won’t pick up small debris or pet hair since they don’t have a vacuum function.

A robot vacuum is designed for carpets. They typically use a rotating brush roller or a series of brushes to collect the dust and small debris via a process of suction into a dust container.

A robot vacuum mop is a hybrid of a robot mop and a robot vacuum designed for hard surfaces like tile, wood, vinyl, rubber, laminate, or stone. They are capable of not only wiping away stained spots off your floor, but also sucking up small debris and hair for complete cleaning.

Vacuum mop robots typically have two separate compartments for collecting dust and adding water or a cleaning detergent. This typically creates a problem of not having enough space for water reservoir and dust bin, meaning a user would have to empty them more often, reducing the main purpose of a robot vacuum mop – automatic cleaning with minimal effort on the part of a user.

Fortunately, HOBOT engineers solved this issue with the invention of LEGEE-688 vacuum mop robot. It has the largest dust bin (500 ml) and water tank (320ml) among its peers. A user no longer has to interrupt the cleaning process of the vacuum mop robot until the cleaning process is complete. In fact, many happy customers of LEGEE-688 vacuum mop robot report performing multiple cleaning jobs before having to add more cleaning detergent or empty the dust bin.

When choosing a vacuum mop robot for hard, non-carpeted surfaces, it’s important to choose one not only with a top notch mopping and vacuuming system such as LEGEE’s patented FastBrush 4 in 1 cleaning technology, but also spacious hardware for hassle-free, uninterrupted cleaning.