HOBOT introduces Ultrasonic Water Spray Window Cleaning Robot

HOBOT technology is proud to announce its next-generation window cleaning robot HOBOT-298 has been named as a 2019 CES Innovation Awards Honoree.


HOBOT-298 brings revolutionary bio-mimicry technology into play. The new invention carries a detachable water tank along with an ultrasonic water spray nozzle which nebulizes water to 15um mists then sprays it evenly on the glass like the effect of human exhales on the glass surface. The volume of the water tank is 40ml, which enables HOBOT-298 to clean a 40m2 area with water or detergent. No more spraying in advance, HOBOT-298 will take care of everything for you now!

Inherited the sleek square exterior from HOBOT-268 and 288, HOBOT-298 carries Nidec brushless motor with metal fan for extended durability and lower noise. Window cleaning has become the easiest thing ever. Everyone can enjoy the view through the spotless windows in ease!