HOBOT at CES 2020

It was another successful event at CES 2020!

It was great to see our leadership team introduce new HOBOT-388 to the market of window cleaning robots. We love its new stylish design and the addition of ultrasonic water spray is really exciting to our clients and fans. We are at the beginning of huge growth in this market and HOBOT’s focus on relentless innovation makes them the industry frontrunner.

The global window cleaning market is driven by an increase of use of automation in a wide variety of applications in commercial and industrial sectors. Significant adoption of window cleaning robots in smart homes is expected to impact the global market. Rapidly growing consumer base is focused on equipping their homes with smart technologies.

Significant use of this technology in commercial applications is reducing the need of human labor for repetitive tasks. HOBOT is well-positioned to continue gaining market share in the US and worldwide.