HOBOT-388 is more modern. Why?

HOME ROBOT LLC has a lot of window robots, but most buyers think that HOBOT-388 Ultrasonic Water Spray more modern. You will ask: “Why?” So here is the answer.

HOBOT-388 is equipped with an exclusive module - Ultrasonic, which provides automatic spraying of cleaning fluid on the glass while operating. An ultrasonic spray gun converts the liquid into a thick mist, atomizes it, and this allows you to dissolve dust and wash windows without leaving streaks. Advanced technology - perfect result!

Stylish, slim design and low body height allows for use in hard-to-reach places. It's extremely easy to use and shows excellent results as confirmed by independent comparative tests. HOBOT-388 Ultrasonic comes out on top of the tests among the competition, which means you can be sure that it is one of the best window cleaning robots.

You can control HOBOT right from your phone. Convenient control of the HOBOT-388 Ultrasonic with iOS or Android app, as well as the included remote control.

In addition to cleaning ordinary smooth glass and double-glazed windows, due to the high suction power, you can use the robot to clean tile floors and walls, glass partitions and tables, mirrors, mosaic windows, and also to rub parquet. In the Dry Cleaning mode, you can remove dust even from the walls covered with wallpaper.

These are the main reasons, but there are a lot more!