Coronavirus update from HOBOT

We hope all are well and you take necessary precautions to care for your families and our vulnerable fellow citizens. Since the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus has hit countries across the world that sparked WHO to declare it as a pandemic, more and more consumers have growing consciousness for public health and ask us if LEGEE can assist to prevent COVID-19. 

LEGEE Coronavirus

Given the widespread novel coronavirus, we confirm that LEGEE can be used with hypochlorous acid water(HCIO) and diluted bleach which helps reduce the risk of infection and maintain a clean environment at the same time. 

 Fighting COVID-19  LEGEE Go!

LEGEE can be used with below disinfects:

 Hypochlorous acid water(HCIO, 200ppm)

 Diluted bleach(1:100)

  • The material of pipeline(PP) and water tank(ABS) are resistant with HCIO and diluted bleach.
  • Hands-free! LEGEE will spray the disinfect evenly and mop through the floor, avoiding the direct contact to Chlorine.
  • Can clean 150m2 area with as little as 320ml only.



  • Check if HCIO and diluted bleach are okay on your flooring.
  • Please use HCIO and diluted bleach in a ventilated environment.
  • Don’t spray HCIO to the skin directly, and please keep children and pets out of direct contact with it.
  • Don’t mix HCIO and diluted bleach with any other detergents, including LEGEE floor detergent, except for pure water.
  • Please pouring just enough amount of HCIO and diluted bleach into the water tank for one time use and refill the water tank with pure water for the second round of floor cleaning to avoid chemical residue in LEGEE’s pipeline.


For safety, below liquids are not allowed to add into LEGEE water tank:

 Alcohol 75% (Flammable liquids)

 Essential oil (Easy to block nozzles and mold)