Commercial Applications of a Window Cleaning Robot

There has been robust growth in use of window cleaning robots for home in the last few years. According to many industry leading experts, the market size will reach $100 Million by 2026. The growth has been concentrated primarily in residential use with very limited commercial applications. However, commercial use of robot window cleaners has seen a sharp increase in 2021. We project a continued rapid growth in commercial application in 2022, outpacing residential market in gross revenue generated by 2026. So what are the commercial applications of a robot window cleaner now and its potential for expanded use in the future?

We have recently gained quite a few new customers with a cleaning services business. Most of these businesses have multiple teams that go to hotels and condominiums with the objective to minimize time spent cleaning each unit. They use models such as HOBOT-298, HOBOT-388, and HOBOT-2S to automatically clean windows while simultaneously performing other cleaning tasks. Not spending time on cleaning windows has increased their per unit efficiency by 10-15%.

Another growing segment in commercial use of a robot window cleaner is with car dealerships. Many car dealerships are housed in large buildings made primarily of glass. It’s very important for owners of these businesses to keep the glass clean to enhance outside appeal. We were surprised to find out how much money many of them spend on a professional cleaning company. The average spending is $7500 a year per dealership, and one of our clients even spent over $15000 in 2020! After a year of using HOBOT robot window cleaners, these customers are happy not only with the money saved, but also with how easy it is to operate and maintain a functional window cleaning robot.

The rest of our commercial customers are a mix of boutique store owners with large store front windows, property management companies, and owners of other large commercial facilities such as yacht sales centers. We see a tremendous potential for future use of robot window cleaners in federal, state, and local administrative buildings as the pressure mounts to cut bloated costs. As technology for robotic window cleaners improves, so will the applications of it! HOBOT Technologies, INC is the leading innovator in the market of robot window cleaners and we are very excited to expand into new commercial markets in the near future.