Can I use Windex with a robot window cleaner?

Perhaps the greatest standout feature that makes HOBOT window cleaning robots the most efficient solution to keeping your windows clean with minimal effort is the innovative automatic ultrasonic sprayer. It sprays water or a cleaning solution onto the surface while actively cleaning. In fact, the addition of an automatic sprayer to a window cleaning robot makes all the difference to most in deciding whether to invest in a robot window cleaner or manually perform the task. Owners of a window cleaning robot with automatic sprayer such as HOBOT-298, HOBOT-388, and HOBOT-2S frequently ask if it’s appropriate to use Windex for their glass cleaning tasks.

Our answer is that we strongly advise against using Windex or any other common household cleaning detergent with a robot window cleaner. Windex commonly contains ammonium and sodium agents that are highly corrosive to your robot. These substances can dramatically reduce the lifespan of your robot cleaner and void the warranty. Besides, our testing has shown that using Windex vs water does not substantially improve cleaning results. Following cleaning instructions properly and using water to fill in the tank of a robot cleaner will produce the desired results.

Do we recommend any other cleaning detergent? HOBOT Window Detergent is the only product besides using regular or filtered water we recommend, that’s safe for your device and will improve cleaning results. It’s eco-friendly and contains no corrosive elements to protect your investment in a window cleaning robot. Simply fill the water tank of a window cleaning robot half full with the HOBOT Window Detergent and firmly seal tank lid. We also recommend applying a small amount of the detergent to the cleaning pad and keeping caterpillar wheels and suction area completely dry.