Can I use a robot window cleaner on solar panels?

Solar panels require regular cleaning to ensure they are working at maximum efficiency. Simply spraying them with a hose is not sufficient to keep the panels clean. Climbing the roof to manually clean them or hiring a professional cleaner carries a risk of electrocution. Window cleaning companies generally do not provide electrical training to their staff. Fortunately, a window cleaning robot like HOBOT-2S or HOBOT-388 can be a perfect solution.

A growing number of our customers have been successfully using our robot window cleaners to keep their solar panels clean and running at maximum efficiency. However, a window cleaning robot is not a solution for every situation. The following are some things to consider before purchasing a robot window cleaner to clean your solar panels.

  1. Do you have a safe way of reaching your panels with both hands? You would need to reach your solar panels with both hands to properly place and turn on a window cleaning robot. If that can’t be accomplished with climbing a ladder, you need to think of any other possible way of getting to your panels with safety in mind.


  1. Do you have gaps wider than a quarter of an inch between the panels? A window cleaning robot like HOBOT-2S or HOBOT-388 need a smooth, continuous surface to operate properly. If there is a gap larger than a quarter of an inch between the panels, a window cleaning robot won’t be able to move from one panel to another. You would then need to clean one panel at a time. In this case, you have to consider if each panel is reachable to place the robot on it with both hands and the effort it requires. You may think it’s not practical and explore other options like using a soft brush or hiring a professional.


  1. What is the distance from a power outlet to your solar panels? A window cleaning robot has to be plugged to a power outlet to operate. The total length of the included power and extension cords of our most popular models for cleaning solar panels, HOBOT-2S and HOBOT-388, are 20 feet. You may need to purchase an additional extension cord to make it work.


  1. What are the weather conditions? It’s important to keep in mind a window cleaning robot can only operate in 40-120 F temperature range. On a sunny and hot day, solar panel can get much hotter than the temperature outside, potentially making a window cleaning robot unusable in some conditions. It’s best to pick a cool, overcast day to clean your panels.


Solar panels need to be maintained in order to keep them working in good condition for years to come. A window cleaning robot can be the right solution for you.