5 Tips To Keep Your Place Clean With Kids

Do you feel like you can’t keep your home clean when the kids are around?


Every day you’re repeating the same household chores. And as soon as the kids are back in the house from school or activities, it looks like a storm hit your home, and you have to do it all over again.


Kids are sweet but let’s be honest, they can be overwhelming and make it hard to keep on top of things.


But the good news is that it’s totally possible to keep your home clean with kids!


That’s right. With a clear system, the help of your little family, and advanced cleaning robots, you can accomplish anything, even a clean and tidy house, within minutes!


And in this blog, we’ll tell you how.




It can be hard to keep a clean house if every room is filled with clutter. Plus, clutter attracts clutter. That’s right. It can be tempting to dump something next to something else since there are already so many things everywhere.


The key to a clean and tidy home is to keep things simple and minimalistic.


Here are a few ways to keep the clutter at bay in your home:


  • Create a decluttering list
  • Spend 15 minutes a day decluttering until done. Proceed room by room.
  • Get rid of broken and stained things
  • Donate the clothes you never wear
  • Take before and after pictures to help stay motivated as you go through each room


Also, buying bins and containers for each room will help you quickly spot things that you don’t need to keep and make it much easier to declutter as you go.


Get The Kids Involved


There’s nothing better to teach your kids how to clean and tidy than getting them involved in household chores as you clean your home.


The key is to turn cleaning into a fun activity and make it an enjoyable bonding time together.


Turn some music on, set them challenges, turn tidying into a game, and offer incentives to get your little ones on board.


For instance, you could let them ring a bell when they’re done with their task or set a timer and dare them to finish their chores before the timer rings!


And, of course, make sure you praise them when they do well.


Clean As You Go


This might sound difficult for some, but cleaning as you go will significantly help you in the long run. For instance, once your kids are done playing with their toys, make sure they immediately put them away.


Also, always clean the dishes after breakfast, lunch, and dinner to avoid them piling up in the sink. Another tip is to try to fold and put the clothes away whenever you unload the washing machine. This will make it much more manageable than if you had to fold and put away four or five loads of clothes at once.


Finally, cleaning the kitchen every night before going to bed will help prevent grime from accumulating and save you from spending over half an hour scrubbing on the weekend!



Have a Designated Food Area


One of the best ways to keep your home clean is to avoid unwanted spillage or crumbs around the house.


Sure, having pizza with the family while watching TV or having breakfast in bed with the kids is amazing.


But having a designated food area will help limit spillage and crumbs to the dining room or the kitchen, making it easier and quicker to clean!


Use An Automatic Vacuum and Window Cleaner


You’ve dropped the kids to school and have a few spare hours to clean up the breakfast mess and prepare lunch before you have to pick them up again. Unfortunately, cleaning after the kids and keeping everything tidy has become your daily routine. After all, that’s what it’s like to have kids, right?


Well, not necessarily.


What if we told you that you could use floor and window cleaning robots, such as the Hobot range, to automatically clean your windows, vacuum, and mop your floors?


Hobot has been designed to allow busy parents like you to relax and enjoy some quality time with their loved ones while the robots do all the work.


All you need to do is place your Hobot robot on the floor or window, turn it on, and ta-da, your house will look like new in minutes.