5 Cleaning Hacks from Professional Cleaners

Want an immaculate home without having to spend hours cleaning?


Unless you absolutely love cleaning your home, doing household chores can sometimes feel a bit boring and even daunting for some. What’s more, after hours of cleaning your home, it might still not look as good as you’d like it to.


If only you could know the best cleaning techniques to quickly make your house look like new.


Well, you’re in luck as, in this post, we’ll share five cleaning hacks from professional cleaners to help you clean your home in no time like a pro without having to hire one!


Clean From Top To Bottom


Some people start cleaning a room by wiping down surfaces and vacuuming. And that might be what you do too.


While there’s no right or wrong when it comes to your cleaning routine, you can use techniques to make your cleaning process more efficient and avoid cleaning something twice, or worse, forgetting something. And one of these methods is the “top to bottom” cleaning approach.


Instead of cleaning your surfaces first, the idea is to begin the process by dusting the top of your cupboards, kitchen cabinets, and light fixtures and dusting your way down to the furniture and baseboards. Dust and dirt fall from the top to the bottom, making your cleaning process much more efficient.


The next step is to wipe surfaces, again from top to bottom. Lastly, vacuum everything that fell onto the floor during your cleaning session and mop for spick-and-span floors!


Let The Cleaning Products Dwell


Ever seen one of these cleaning commercials showing someone spraying a dirty surface and wiping it immediately after to uncover a brand new spotless and shiny surface?


Unfortunately, it doesn’t really happen this way in real life. For your cleaning products to be efficient, they need to sit on a surface for a few minutes. This way, they can start working their magic on stains, dirt, limescale or grime. So, make sure to always read the instructions and follow the steps.


Sure, it’ll take you some time at first, but it’ll save you a lot of time down the road!



Use The “S” Pattern


Do you usually clean in a circle motion? After all, that’s what everyone does, right?


Well, everyone but cleaning professionals!


Using a circular motion will, in fact, do nothing else than displace the dirt from one spot to another. And this means you’ll need more time to get the debris off your surface and remove the marks the circular motion is leaving behind.


So, instead of cleaning using a circular motion, use the “S” pattern. With the “S” pattern, you start cleaning a surface by placing your sponge or cloth at the top right-hand corner of the surface. Then swipe to the left and zig-zag your way down the surface as if you were drawing an s. This method will allow you to collect debris and dirt efficiently and prevent any marks.


Buy a Paintbrush


As surprising as it might sound, professional cleaners often carry paint brushes. That’s because paint brushes come in all sizes and can make your life much easier when it comes to getting trapped dust off objects such as ceiling fan blades or washing machine filters.


And they can also come in handy to brush dust away from your furniture without having to remove the whole piece.


Vacuum The Right Way


If there’s one thing cleaning experts agree on, it’s that you need to vacuum a room slowly to ensure you pick up everything. The recommended approach is to first vacuum horizontally and then vertically to capture all the trapped dust and dirt.


And this can take time, especially if you have a few rooms in your house or apartment. So, one thing you can do to cut down on vacuuming time without compromising on cleanliness is using a vacuum robot like the Hobot. The Hobot range was designed to clean your floors professionally while allowing you to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones rather than spending time on household chores.


Featuring several cleaning modes, Hobot robots can be tailored to your needs. Turn your vacuum on, set the most appropriate cleaning mode and watch your Hobot clean your space like a pro while you relax.



Got Questions about Our Hobot Range?


At Hobot, we’re passionate about designing high-quality robots that will turn your home into a sanctuary for you and your family. And we pride ourselves on bringing joy to our clients by taking away some of the time-consuming household chores and allowing them to allocate their time to the things that matter. So, if you have any questions about our range, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to help!